Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Lazy sunny day

 So last week my friend and I were in a relax mood during this nice sunny day. We went to Glories to have a visit at the Torre Agbar.  While enjoying the sunshine we had a little picnic 
in the grass. We spent our day here and walked along the port of Barcelona back home.


Smile and enjoy because life is too short to worry about anything. You had better enjoy it because the next day promises nothing.



Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Addict till Sunrise

Good afternoon!

My dear & adorable and Fashionable friend Danitsja Spaans also has her own Fashion & Lifestyle blog called Addict till Sunrise. She is writing from The Netherlands. Writing about streetstyle, architecture, events and lots more.I will  give you a brief introduction to her blog that contains many beautiful pictures and stories that you will love! 

Together we decided to start a collaboration with our own blogs. We are in the same class of our final year. She has chosen to stay in Holland and writes from there and I decided to go to Barcelona and write from here. In a short of time we have become great friends who share the same passion in Fashion & Lifestyle & Art. 
Follow this pretty lady if you won’t miss a thing about her fabulous life full of discoveries!


Saturday, 18 May 2013

Streetstyle Barcelona

I was walking down the streets of Barcelona with a friend of mine. Then I noticed this people with a good taste in fashion! Have a look at this pretty Vintage/Bohemian style combined with gorgeous oriental prints.

Designer Afshin Tavakoli of the fashion brand Flamingo.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

I was taking a stroll through Barcelona

Hola Chicas,

Yesterday while I was taking a stroll through Barcelona, I noticed this cute chocolate shop, called Demasié. I was curious so I went inside and I felt like I was dreaming, they had so many different types of chocolates! I bought a few chocolates and they were delicious! The chocolates were a bit expensive but it was worth it (because chocolate is a girl’s best friend haha). This shop is located at: Calle Princesa 28 Barcelona.

At the end of the day I went out to dinner and tried Paëlla in a cozy restaurant called Tapadu. Tapadu has a nice interior with tasty food at affordable prices. This restaurant is located at Carrer de la Princesa 29 Barcelona. 


Live every moment
Laugh every day
Love beyond words 


Monday, 13 May 2013

I LOVE Barcelona

Buenas dias Bonitas!

At the moment I am living in Barcelona for 10 weeks, I’m here for my internship to complete my current education. During this time in Barcelona I will write about all my experiences like fashion, streetstyle, culture, art, nature, architecture, restaurants, the nightlife and much more. I am excited to show you around and share all my discoveries with you! Most pictures will be taken by myself. 

I have been here for 3 weeks already and I enjoy every second of it. Time really flies when you are having fun!
In the last few  weeks I have experienced many great things, I will you tell you all about briefly 

First of all I have celebrated Queensday abroad for the first time. Queensday in Barcelona was a very different experience than in The Netherlands. The Spanish people looked quite surprised that all Dutch people were wearing orange clothing during this day, that was funny moment haha!  My friend Jennifer and I have spent our day at Rembrandt café where Jennifer  had to do the promotion and I had to take pictures. It was a nice day in Rembrandt café. Are you curious and want to see the pictures? Click on the understanding link and see the results! 

Photos Queensday Rembrandt Café

Furthermore I went to the Ramblas with my friends, which is one of the most famous hotspots in Barcelona. On the Ramblas you will find shops, restaurants, tourist stalls and a nice food market where I have bought  some delicious fruit! We strolled around the Ramblas and we visited some shops. We have enjoyed this busy but interesting street while observing  people passing by over a drink on the terrace. Overall it was a nice day

This beautiful building is the town hall of Barcelona called Casa de la Ciutat de Barcelona

Next time I will tell more stories about my experiences in this wonderful city!

Fashion is spreading your love to everyone in a million ways! 
Love, Kathelijne 

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Introducing Addict till the Moon rises

Hi my beautiful friends!

This is my first post on my blog as: Addict till the Moon rises.

With great excitement I would like to introduce myself,  my name is Kathelijne Bach. I am a Dutch student, studying  Business&Fashion. I am
in my graduation period so these are the final months!

I have an enormous passion for fashion and communication, which I hope to successfully combine in my future career
. Creating new topics and keeping readers informed about fashion is a great drive for me! I love visiting fashion events, vintage stores and discovering great unknown brands and take pictures and write about all my new discoveries. At the moment I am working on becoming a fashion (amateur)photographer, which I hope to combine in the future with writing about fashion, so I can experience my love for fashion in the broadest sense. I would like to continue to develop and improve myself to reach all my goals and my biggest dreams!

Fashion is spreading your love to everyone in a million ways!